Julien Solioz

Mr. Solioz joined PRIMENEST SA in 2017 as a Managing Partner.

Mr. Solioz has a strong experience of Private banking and Wealth Management. He was Director with Management functions in several leading banks in three different jurisdictions over the last 20 years: Credit Suisse (Geneva, CH), CFM-Indosuez (Monaco, MC) and JP Morgan (London, UK). Mr. Solioz is a Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) from the AIWM and Expert in Finance and Investments from the SFAA (Swiss Financial Analyst Association). He holds an Executive MBA from BSL in Lausanne and is member of several associations in Switzerland and UK (AZEK, CISI).

“I do believe in teamwork. I saw so many fantastic teams and talented experts around wealth management during my 18 years banking experience that I think it is impossible for an individual, or even for a small group of individuals, to try to compete with them. Moreover, technology and artificial intelligence are improving exponentially, bringing innovations and facilitating our life.  

I do believe however that an experienced dedicated professional/small team in which you trust, without any conflict of interest, can bring value in using, collaborating and coordinating all the above resources in order to bring the relevant solutions and help wealthy families and individuals to achieve their targets in Wealth Management.

We earned the trust of our clients with time, hard work and a real know-how. We believe we deserve it and work with a long-term view. We aim to guide our clients and their families through all their wealth management needs in several life cycles and to continue with the next generations.“